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Time Line

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Nov. 16th, 2005 | 02:20 pm
Feeling: empty
Listening: Patty Griffin - Rain


Febuary- Kate worked her ass off on the State of the Union. She was even scarier than usual. She did laps in the pool whenever she got stuck or needed a break.

May/June- Became extremely irratable at the end of May/beginning of June. Everyone credited it to stress. June 7th she came to work with a bandage around her hand, told everyone she dropped a glass and cut herself picking up the pieces.

July-November- Worked and worked and worked.


June-  At about 2AM the night Kate hurt her hand she called Xavier. He came over to take her to the emergency room. When he got there he saw a turned over side table, a broken lamp strewn on the floor. Kate said it was an accident. Xavier didn't ask questions and didn't tell anyone.


June- June 6th was the anneversary of Kate's wedding and the day Andrew left her. She went home and drank. She felt alone and empty, scared of turning fourty and still having no one in her life. She almost called Andrew. She knocked over the table, angry with herself, and then fell, her hand landing on the broken lamp. A few hours later she called Xavier.

November- Kate is currently struggling with turning fourty.



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