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Dec. 13th, 2005 | 02:21 pm

A hard copy of President Malloy's remarks on the Davenport bombing, for anyone who needs a reference point. Though it seems almost insignificant to put them here. The words themselves could never reach the delivery given by the President, nor could any device I thought of recreate the experience of listening to him speak about this, or any other, matter.


It has long been my belief that people are, at the base, good. We are not born to do evil. However, in this world that is so often cold and isolated, filled with television we call reality and communication that no longer brings us face to face, we can lose our view of good. We turn instead to the easy paths of fear, blame, hate, and violence.

The tragedy in Davenport can not be changed now. We can not step back and relive those moments that led someone to this unspeakable act. Instead we must step forward into the future. We must lead the way onto new paths, finding the cracks in society and offering a hand to those who have fallen through. It is only through this that we can stand tall with one another. For we can lift one another from the depths of despair. We can be the light where others dare not go. For we have taken the poor, the hungry, and the huddled masses. So let us not now abandon them. No, let us hold them high in the light of freedom, for liberty leaves no one behind.


My father is still sick. It seems there is some sort of growth on his lung. Soon he'll have surgery to have it removed. Until then he'll remain in the hospital. The seriousness of his condition is, at best, being described as indeterminant.

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President Ben Malloy

from: potus_malloy
date: Dec. 13th, 2005 09:28 pm (UTC)

I really do think you tend to minimize the command and grace your words carry by themselves, Kate. Often, I can only hope to express their power when I speak them. The remarks for Davenport were strong; though some may consider them bold, I feel they will only serve to encourage the country.

...As for your father, well... I'm sorry to hear of his condition. Perhaps you should pay him a visit? Now that things are beginning to settle down after the tragedy in Davenport, the bulk of this week is taken up by public appearances and committee meetings. The public remarks are already written. Unless something comes up, it looks like relatively smoother sailing ahead.

So if you wish to go to your father, by all means do so.

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