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Give Thyself Time To Learn Something New And Good...

Katherine Hawkins - DoC

2 December
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Kate was born in a small town in Missouri to a Catholic couple. Her father was a high school US history teacher and her mother was the superintendent of the prison in their town. They are both retired. She is an only child.

Kate became interested in politics because of her father’s dedicated interest. She attended Berkley on scholarships and loans and double majored in communications and political science. She volunteered in many campaigns during college. She was an idealist from the start, a political viper who wore bandanas and torn jeans to every rally and protest she thought deserved support. Her second year in college she met a senior named Andrew Jenkins. He was an artist and an avid political activist. She adored him from the beginning. Just after Kate's junior year they were married. Their marriage was ideal at first, attending rallies and conventions all over the country. After Kate graduated, however, Andrew had no job and Kate was glad to support him for a while with campaign work. The marriage started to fall apart quickly. Kate quickly fell into the political world but as she chopped off her hair and her closet filled with suits, she found Andrew childish in his ideals and they divorced after only three years.

She was hired in low level positions after college and soon received an internship in the communications office of Emily’s List. She worked her way up until they started sending her out on campaigns. After each campaign, however, she returned to Emily’s List, even when offered communications jobs with elected politicians. It was only when she was approached by the presidential campaign that she gave up Emily’s List, feeling an obligation to getting the next great Democrat into office and convinced she could do more for many causes from the White House.

She is currently living the dream as Director of White House Communications.